Domestic Tube Recipe

Тушёнка Домашняя

Main Circumn of experience Circumstances

For starters, we'll have a few ideas about carcase preparation technology.

  1. What meat? For beef carcases, fresh beef is preferred in large pieces (fila). It'll fit the cut meat - azu or a goulash. The veal, although considered as a dietary product, clearly loses beef in taste, as well as in protein. Frozen meat is also very undesirable.
  2. To keep the cartilage, the meat is filled with fat. Bovine itself does not normally contain the required amount of fat, so the bovine cartilage makes use of other fat, for example, Lead♪ If you're making a pork carcase, fat can be cut off from the merchandise, and at the end of the prefabrication, you'll smash it and then you'll smash it.
  3. The beef shall be welded by about 40 per cent during preparation♪ It means that fresh meat needs to be purchased more than you need shoes. If you rely on 70-100 grams of human-day carcases, i.e. 7-10 kg per 10-day walk, you should buy 10-14 kg of fresh boneless meat plus 2-3 kg of salad.
  4. Package - weak spot home preparation Toots. It is therefore necessary to start the process by looking for a suitable packaging.
    The tourists used to use foiled milk bags for this purpose.
    At present, there is a sufficient number of different plastic receptacles with sealed food caps that are conveniently packed.
    In any case, the packaging shall be sterile, it shall be removed (or at least spilled) and dryed.

You will need:

  • Fresh meat;
  • (by weight about 5 times less than meat);
  • salt (not more than 1 tea spoon per kilogram);
  • Lavre leaf, pepper pepper;
  • A few large pots;
  • Packing receptacles.
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