Domestic Chicken Recipe

I'm tired of buying a two-thirds grease and a bulon in the store? Take the initiative in your hands! And we'll help you with your advice, tell you how to make a carcase on our own.

For our carcase, we bought three pieces (1200 grams) and one breast (700 grams). After we got out of this amount, the chicken was 1, 4 kilos of carcases.

Prepare glass banks, pollitry or 700 ml. It's better if they have obedient lids, it's much easier. Take the pot and make sure the banks fit in.

Well wash the banks and keep them safe. By the way, if you have a microwave, you can use it to sterilize it. In every bank, get some water, load them into the microwave, and put them on to maximum for ten minutes.

As long as the banks sterilize, take the chicken. Clean up and take off the bra. Excess of fat and large bones need to be removed. Cut everything else. Prepared slices in the emalled dishes, Ambassador. If there's a wish, you can add specialties. But they'd better not be hard enough to keep the tombs alive. All right, move the chicken so she can drink salt.

If you're not in a hurry, cover the dishes with the lid and take half an hour to the fridge, let the chicken get a little marinous. But you can do without this phase.

We'll take the banks, we'll get the rest of them. There's ten peppers on the bottom and two laurels on the bottom. We put meat in the cans, not to the top, leaving a few centimeters. Don't make a lot of meat.

Cover clean lids. Until the end of the roof, don't shut it down, it's gonna be enough. Put the old towel on the bottom, put the banks on it. Put the water in the castrate, not to the top of the bunk, but to the shoulders, to the same level as the chicken. Put it on the stove, on a strong fire. Get to the boiling point, then make the smallest fire.

Domestic chicken under conditions It'll be four and a half hours. From time to time, look how things are in your pot. The water's gonna be dripping, so you're gonna have to add it periodically. The cold water will blow the cans, so keep the kettle ready with warm water.

When the time of the veil comes to an end, put the fire under the fires and extract the banks very carefully. Put the covers to the end and put the cans on the dry towel, let them cool. When the temperature of the bath comes close to the room, you can clean them up in the fridge.

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