Domestic Carcasing Recept

выбор продуктаThe beef tube is a canned product that is prepared from meat, salt, spices and bulon. This product is particularly valuable in long journeys, camping and outwards. To date, there's a lot of cartoons in stores, but it's best to cook it in. householdso you'll be sure not only of taste, but of its usefulness. The quality and composition of beef carcases is regulated by GOST 5284-84.

How to choose and store?

There are a few recommendations that will help you choose a quality beef carcase:

  • Choose options that are called " carcasses " , this is the only name in GOST. If you buy a carcase with another name, nobody can say you'll get it.
  • Buy a big meatball bowl, then there's a chance to buy a quality product with a label.
  • It's best to buy a carcase in a glass packaging so you can assess the appearance of the product. Meat slices shall be distinguished (see photo), fat doesn't have to be too much. Consistence should not be like a pot.
  • If you buy a carcase in a gesture bank, choose the options on which the composition is vomited. In this case, the risk of counterfeiting is significantly reduced. If it's written on the label, you'll have to see if it's good.

It is not recommended to keep the carcase in open condition. And closed banks can remain ready for consumption for three years.

Use in culinary

The beef tube is an excellent self-contained product that is also used in other dishes. They'll put it in the first and second meals. Among our population, we like to diversify the taste of welded potatoes and macaron products. In addition, skilled cookers, even from such easily accessible products, can make a delicious and original cheat.

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