Porcine Recipe

Кусочки свинины


Swinina - 800 g
Sol - 20 g
Pepper black hammer, lavre leaf, pepper

  • Preparation time: 3 hours
  • Tuschen (7 s)
  • 347 Kal per 100 g
  • Keep it in a dark cool place.
  • 651 inspections in 30 days
  • added in the boxes.
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Preparation process

I didn't think I'd ever cook a pork bowl. I didn't believe it was easy and simple, and in home. The process is very simple. It tastes perfect for us. It's a little bit of a elephant, but I think it's better, it's kind of a long-distance insurance.Добавили соль Meanwhile, I was going to sell it not in pure form, but in nature, with potatoes or macaroons.

I took a little salad, and it wasn't a fat cap on top. The meat wasn't fully cooked if you want it to fall on the fiber, you can extend the process for 30 minutes.

It's possible we can buy a good cart now, but we need to find it, and we don't know how much it's gonna cost.Поперчили и перемешали But it's done with its hands, you know what. ♪ pork carcase A whole meat, a little fat on top and a delicious jelly.

Until I've kept it for a long time, but as they write everywhere, it's worth up to six months.

I'm gonna have to make this summer so I can take you to nature with me.

Cut the meat. The pieces aren't big or small, you can see the picture.


To stiffly and thoroughly shake hands.

Bunny's cleaned up. Put a lavre leaf on the bottom and a few peppers.

Подготовили банки для тушёнки

Put the meat on the banks, tight.

Cover the pork carcase with the lids and make a little turn, i.e. don't tighten. It's the night of the castry to blend a towel, put the banks. Put some water on the shoulders.

Cover the lid and put it on a strong fire when the water's boiling up, hit the middle. I'll leave you at 2, 5:00.

If the water's throwing, the valley is still. It doesn't have to boil too much!

Hot cans with a pork carcass cooked in a home environment can easily get out of the water, pull the covers. Turn around, bite to complete cooling. Take it to a cool place.

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