Porcine Picture

Положить мясо в мультиварку


Beef - 2 kg
Water - about 1 glass
Peppers taste
Lavre is 1-3.
Salt to 1st.

  • Preparation time: 4 hours
  • Tuschen (7 s)
  • Five
  • 170 kPa per 100g
  • Keep it in a cool place.
  • 170 views in 30 days
  • added in the boxes.

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Preparation process

Tunny, i.e. carcase meat for conservation, is prepared from virtually any kind of meat. It could be pork, chicken, beef, rabbit, etc. The principle of preparation is the same, the difference is only in the time of the carnage and spices.

Потушите мясоI loved cooking. Cartoon in cartoon♪ I'll show you the process on the furious beef example. For beef, choose the time of carnage at least four hours to make the pieces not just soft, but literally falling on the fiber. To do this, the multi-war modes of "trust," "trust," and the setting of time and temperatures with the function of "multi-war" are appropriate.

Hermetically calibrated carcases can be stored long enough to get out of time for cooking. On the basis of the carcase, you can make soup, it's good to add it to the potatoes, crups or macarons, etc.

Простерилизовать банкиPrepare the ingredients on the list to prepare the cartoon.

Bovine beef meat, cut to pieces of desired size, lived to remove, and leave the fat.

Put a piece of meat in a multi-war cup, put a portion of the water and set up a regime for the carnage.

After the boiling, it is advisable to remove the pumpkin and then add the specials: lavre and peppers, such as black and soul. Embassies can be made immediately or in two stages: first, about half the salts, and at the end of the preparation, they can be tall.

After the sound signal, check the meat's ready, maybe we'll need to hang. Of this number, two cans of carcasses of 0, 7 l or 3 banks of 0, 5 litres of beef with boulon are produced.

Prepare sterile banks. It's easier to put a small amount of water in them just in the microwave.

Before you put the carton on the banks, get her back to the boiling. Roll up hot tubes or close special polyethylene, barred in the boiler.

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