How To Make A Pork Bowl

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Chicken - 2, 5 kg chicken
Pepper - 10 grand
Lavreka - 4 leaflets
Sole and pepper taste
Vars of carcasses:
Banks - 2 litres
The pot is tall, in the height of the bunk.

How to kick a chicken carcase.
Chicken meat is removed from bones and fat, placed in a pot with a small amount of cold water, emplaced, wrapped and removed for half an hour in the fridge.
Banks sterilize (leave some water and microwave for 10 minutes at the highest power).
Each bank has five peppers and a pair of laurels.
Put the chicken meat in the cans, cover the cooling roofs.
Put a towel in the deep pot, put a can of chicken meat on it, and pour water to the shoulders of a can with a future carcase.
Smoke chicken in the cans for five hours on the silent light under the roof, periodically checking the water level. If necessary, valley water.
It's hard to close the cans with the lids, to cool down and clean up the fridge.

How to kick a beef party

Bovine's carcase is the same as the chicken cartilage, but, as beef is not fat, it should be added to the beef salon at the barrel at a rate of 1 kilo of beef 100 grams of salad. Throw a beef out of six hours.

How to barge pork carcase
Porcine carcases with such distinctions: fat from pork to cut, grind, and add pork to pig banks.

How to kick a cartoon in a cartoon.
Piece of meat (dogs, pigs, chickens) put it in a cartoon and build a cartoon for "Truck." Toss the meat 5 hours in 1 hour, add specialties and fixes. Then the meat with the fat formed shall be placed on banks, closed and placed in a warm place per day. Then the multi-war carcase is stored in the fridge.

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