Domestic Pork Cartilage

тушенка121 October, Alexander Bondareva

In a conversational speech, it's called a law-served meat prepared by carnage. This is one of the most " comfortable " and best meat products in a situation where fresh meat is not possible due to lack of time or space in the refrigeration or for some other reason.

Carcase meat can be stored for years without losing its taste and food value.

The carcase can be prepared from virtually all types of meat: pork, beef, baran, bird, rabbit.

Bovine meat

Bovine meat is best bought by large pieces (at least, goulash or azu). It is preferable, however, to buy beef rather than veal, because the latter has a significant loss in the taste of beef meat. Frozen meat is not recommended.

We're gonna need:

  • Bovine meat (900 grams);
  • Salo (50 grams);
  • Lavre leaflet (6 st.);
  • Silent black pepper (1 hour spoon);
  • Sol (2-2, 5 pupils);
  • Volga;
  • Glass Bank (1, 5 litre).


  1. We're gonna cut the big pieces, we're gonna hit a little.
  2. In the bank, put four laurels down. Pieces of meat are tightly packed in a bank with peppers and salt.
  3. It's small to cut and put on top of the meat. To cover the salon with the left laurel.
  4. I'm gonna bury the cans of foil that's been planted several times.
  5. The can of meat is placed in a small pot or pan and sent to the oven.
  6. Top meat at 180 degrees for 2, 5-3 hours.
  7. Let's roll the meat.

тушенка3With such ingredients, you can sew meat not in the oven, but in the usual pot, not in the meat, but in the meat, but not in the water. The meat is hanging in the pottery for about four to six hours, and then it's banked, it's flooded with a slack and it's rolling.

Porcine Pump

Meat for preparation porcine carcasses You have to choose not too skinny, but not fat. If you like jelly, you can use the bones in the carnage process. It's best if a quarter of the meat prepared for the cartilage is brisket.


  • Lead meat (1 kg);
  • Sol (2, 5 puffs);
  • Pepper black hammer (1 h spoon);
  • Peppers (5-7);
  • Vegetable oil (2 beds);
  • Salo (50-70 grams);
  • Lavre sheet (2-3 ff);
  • The bank is glassy.


  1. The meat cuts in the middle pieces and slightly burns on the vegetable oil before the water's gone.
  2. Then we put salt meat, pepper and tightly in the bank.
  3. Cover the bank with a lid and put it in the water pot. One, five, two hours.
  4. Before we close the banks, we put up a laurel sheet and pepper peppers, flooded with sludge.
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