Sell Meat Cans In The Branes

Продам: колбасные изделия в

Wholesale trade in food: socks, conservation, baccalaureate, freezing: fish, meat, delicate, Japanese and Asian kitchen products. Crab sticks of bags of poultry meat, semi-finished palms, small-solid products of OO Pine fish, ice cream sausages in Bransca and the wholesal area

  • Bryansk region, Stanke Dimitrov, 108,ru/

We offer a wide range of products, quality service. You'll be able to order groceries with an address delivery on the grain. Bryansk, both for everyday breakfast, lunch or dinner, and for the organization. Wholesale sale: tea (fault, HoReCa), coffee, meat, fish, vegetables, beverages, specialies, salt, conditerium, snow products.

  • g. Bryansk, Ul. Pioneerskaya, D.33, Of. 18

Wholesale trade in fish products of the Santa Bremor trademarks, the Russian Sea. Delivery: shops, offices, restaurants, coffee shops.

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