Sell Meat Canned

Продам: мясные консервы от

METRO Trade Centres in Moscow Meat High quality from all over the world. A wide range of products of different price categories will meet the needs of any consumer. The catalogue of meat canned products offered by domestic and foreign producers, which conform to international standards and have high taste. Through unique conservative technology, products have long maintained their natural properties and characteristics.

Privacy Wholesale purchase of meat Customers are provided with favourable terms of cooperation and flexible payment. It's possible to make a loan. Study a wide range of choices Meat using the METRO Product Catalogue, which specifies the composition, manufacturer and information on the presence or absence of the product in the warehouse. Participate in stock and be aware of bonus programmes using the METRO online cabinet. Don't miss your chance to save on time to find the news. You're going to be very surprised by the level of service, and the polite consultants of the Measles Products will answer all the questions that arise.

Prices and availability of goods at the mall are updated 1 times a day. Last update: 29 April 2016, 5:45 (Msk).
During the day, the price and availability of the goods may change, specifying the information at your mall.
Prices are given to VAT, taking into account discounts.
METRO Amateur (ME) is the minimum commercially available package at METRO TC

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