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Дизайн упаковки: Клиент «ТД «
In April, a commemorative event will take place throughout the country, where people will recall those who, 30 years ago, caused the country to suffer from distress. There will also be a phasing of power, whose lies have been more dangerous than radiation in those days, as evidenced by the disbanded documents of the CPC...
I was working in one of the Republic ' s newspapers at the time of the KC comsomola of Ukraine, and it was the first days after the accident that I went to the area of “writing about heroes”. The AEC itself, although called Chernobyl, is located in the city of Pribay, the main city of Chernobyl energy. Imagine a 20-kilometre bus convoy in two rows, taking out the people of Préché for three to four days. This time of evacuation has been designated by officials, suggesting that only the documents and essentials be taken. A lot of people were naively believed, and on a little trip, they didn't even think they were leaving forever.
Almost 4,000 drivers were deployed to evacuate the 30-kilometre zone, and only one driver refused to enter the dangerous zone. It was about 100,000 people and 50,000 heads of cattle. People understand why cattle? But don't abandon him, and in fact, to destined? Liquidators who then deactivated the area found high skeletons of pigs and cows attached to measles in many landing squids. However, the evacuated thin was no longer lucky, and her milk was not good for food. Soon, it was quietly destroyed, but it was a long reminder of itself in different regions of the country in the form of a mixture of Normal Meat. The economic advantage has been taken, but the power of the bearers has been vigilant to ensure that the blackberry meat does not come to their special bottles. facebook voice buy buygvsells buy google voice.

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