Meat Cans With Beans At Home

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Bean is a universal vegetable capable of replacing both evils and meat on your table with high protein content and carbs. The dietary and biological influence of beans is also determined by carotine, vitamin C, PP, B1, 2 and 6, macro and micronutrient wealth (especially copper, potassium and zinc, sulphur and iron).

Bean is used in conjunction with general kidney therapy (such as urea), ventricid tract, liver, urine bubble and heart, and for purification of the body. Fasoli ' s preparation needs to be highlighted in a number of special cases: as it works as a comfort to the nervous system, it is necessary to use beans for stress and overwhelming. And the beans are good for teeth because they prevent tooth stone formation and have antibacterial properties. Most of the time, I have to say, there's food from the red beans.

How do you make beans in people's medicine? It uses all beans. The benefits of seeds or wholes of beans are recorded in renal or cardiac origin, diabetes, hypertension, chronic rheumatism. The fruits of beans have a good cosmetic effect, for which they need to be welded, wiped out, mixed with vegetable oil and lemon juice and placed on the skin of wet and meals.

There are about 200 varieties of beans: string (beans or beans are considered to be delicts in some countries) and grain beans (beans of beans are available in this section), fodder, food and decorative beans, sugar and semi-arid beans, red and sand. There's also a spark beans - the preparation of a spark beans is not much different from the preparation of beans.

Structural and cereal beans not only seem to be completely different vegetables, but are also prepared in their own way. For example, the beans are ordinary (both) - for starters, weep, wet, then wet. They make pots, soups, garriers, and in canned form they add vegetables and meat dishes. advantages of our granite company.

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