Meat Cans Hame

Паштет Hame с гусиной печенью

Hame (Hame) Czech company for the production of refrigerated long-term storage products, including child feeding pounds.

Company history begins in 1922. It was then that gushtenowic entrepreneur was opened in the Babicas of the Varenya and Sokov Production Centres.

In 1933, Biochema purchased the ceschem and gave a new brand of its canned products. Hame

With the emergence of the Czechoslovak Republic, the company ' s trade contacts had increased and exports to Britain and Ireland had begun. In order to compete successfully in the European market and to present a profitable country, a brand with Hame ' s home name (in the old-fashioned home) has already been created by all the emblem with a red bear.

A large European predator of the fun blossom should have been the symbol of what the consumer could get.

Today, Hame's red bear really symbolizes one of the best candies on the world market.

The Hame conserves and sauce are present today 35 countries worldwide

Hame is organic food. Pesticides, hormones, GMOs are not used for the production of raw materials. Since 2010, Hame products have been marked by the European Ecologotype.

The Hame (Hame) product is presented on the web-based magazine in the categories: fruit furnaces, fruit and creat or yogurt, vegetable peppers, meat peppers, meat-propelled peas. marble countertops bellevue tn. Charlotte marble countertops.

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