Meat Almas

Мясные консервы "

"Expert Trial" is an official importer of the French meat canner Jean Flock (Jean Flock)
Vagon (optical) shipment of coserved meat, production pests of France.
Available range: Conserved meat(svinine, beef, poultry, HALAL- 400gr.) Pashtets (pentry, village, homebird, HALAL-78gre.)
Full information on the proposed products can be viewed from the manufacturer ' s website

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Case firms in this category of goods:

Milk, butter oil in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Fruit saw, purple, juice from the manufacturer in Minsk, Belarus.
I saw an opt in Minsk, in Belarus.
Cheese, butter in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.
Tuschenka, potassium, beef in Astana, Kazakhstan.
Meat, vegetable, fish canned products in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Bulbs, cheese, butter, creativity from Minsk, Belarus.
Pelmeni, mants, warrants, teeftes, cottages, go tie a porce in Shomkent.
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