Meat Allergies


Allergies are an unpleasant disease that's ever catching us and our babies. But this is not an excuse to be upset and to limit our rabbit to everything, but today we are offered a wide range of delicious products to provide a multi-faceted hypoallergic diet.

Immunity is known to be in the oldest age, and today we have a lot of opportunities to put the health department on the very first spoon. Every mom knows that the right feed is not only the key to the right development of the digestation, but also the ability to keep the baby safe from such trouble as food allergy.

If your baby has a tendency to get sick, you're probably gonna have to give up a classic feed like a fruit furnace. Medical research has shown that early introduction of juice into the meals of a very small, unprepared child can cause intestinal disorders.

Therefore, in this case, the best option for the first feed is kash or vegetable mashed. Now, if your rabbit doesn't lag behind its peers, it's time to start with the vegetables, the kales (Brüssely, coloured, broccoli), the patssons, the booths, and then gradually the baby's diet adds white cabbage and potatoes. There is a need to adhere to two basic rules - the oven must be monocomponent (with only one type of vegetable) and must be green or white.

If the baby's got a little weight down, we'd better start feeding it off. Of course, and in this case, the diets need to be taken very carefully, so as the first casket will be ideally Greek, rice or corn, as they do not contain gluten, a vegetable protein, whose use would exacerbate allergic reactions. It is also necessary that the casket be necessarily silent and not contain fruit additives.

The new baby's food is the best thing to do in the morning, so you can get a fuller picture of the baby's reaction in the day. If it went uncomplicated, a new food product could be introduced in 3-4 days. It must be borne in mind that a child with a predisposition to food allergies can react to any product, so it is recommended that a food journal be maintained that describes all the baby's reactions to any food.

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