Measles Of Household Vegetables

Бытовой автоклавBattle car. Conservatives are at home.

Do you know the word autoclave? If you don't, you probably know what a velocity is. In full compliance with its name, a sealed pothole, an ambulance, was used with the Soviet time for rapid cooking. Later, electrical velocities were created by which virtually any dishes could be produced in accordance with the intended programme.

Modern carclave is a machine in the form of a sealed closing receptacle or a chamber used to process anything by heating above the atmospheric pressure. The use of autoclaves is wide enough: both health-care facilities and conservative industries and canners.

But autoclaves can also be used in domestic conditions! You can not only produce useful meat, fish, birds, vegetables and fruits on your own, but also sterilize marinades, salads, salts, compotions, porch, pauses, juices, juices and cooks. In addition to setting the distiller, you will receive distilled water that is used to charge battery batteries. In addition, distilled water is preferable to plumbing for cooling car systems.

His safety is a significant issue in choosing a method of conserving. Autoclothes is destroying the disputes of the botulism buoyant - severe food poisoning - within 20 minutes.

During the crisis, the family budget is planned with special care. If you agree, homemade cafeteria will be very nice. You can cook delicious and healthy food as often as you want! How do you cook it? First of all, we need to prepare our domestic autoclave for work, cooking products according to technology instruction or receptor, beaming them by banks, rolling. Cable banks are placed in the cassette (which is intended to hold the cans in the carclave) - see the diagram on the site - securely fixed by the clamping ha. Set up our carclave to conserve the gas stove or, if it's electrical, turn it on. ♪ ♪

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