House Meat Canned On Winter

ботулизм фотоBotulism molecules

Most of us have a conservative association in the words of the botulism. This is particularly the case with home-based mushrooms.

Why is there a botulism in mushrooms and how to destroy a dangerous bacteria? How does he get in the canners and how to do the cuffs to avoid dangerous poisoning? Let's get this straight.

A little history.

Botulism and mushrooms aren't the only combination. Traditionally, since the mid-twentieth century, when the mass use of leakproof canning began, and the current day, household winter harvests are the source of disease for most victims. In historical times, the mass incidents of botulism in Russia arose only as a result of the consumption of solar and stunned fish. In Europe, poisoning was linked to meat sausages, hence the name of the disease (Lat. botulus - sausage).

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Botulysis is a dangerous toxic infectious disease caused by Clostridium botulinum toxins. This stick is in the soil and spread everywhere. It is possible to form disputes that are highly resistant to the adverse external environment - high temperatures (up to + 120 °C), lack of moisture, ultraviolet and disinfectants. Bacteria is actively multiplied with a large number of gases in non-oxidized conditions and above +10 °C. The by-product of the life of the stick is toxin botulin, which paralyses the nervous system and the muscles of animals and humans.

For lethal poisoning, there is enough microscopic dose of botulin, between 5 and 50 ng/kg body mass. Without timely medical intervention, the deaths are likely to occur between 30 and 60 per cent, and even when they are treated, this figure is close to 10 per cent. That is why Botulysis is one of the most dangerous food tox screens and its prevention among food poisonings is the first among other diseases.

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