Dr. 4450 2005 Meat

Research materials will be transferred to the military and prosecutorial service for decision

Laboratory studies of these products have been conducted by volunteers and military personnel performing military tasks in the ATO area regarding non-quality products, i.e., beef carveds in hard banks, health and epidemiological specialists of the Ministry of Defence.

"The results of the studies show that the quality of selected samples of canned organic and physico-chemical indicators does not meet the requirements of TPG 4450: 2005 Meat meat")" is the message.

Research products were selected by volunteers and specialists at the team sites and the food warehouse of one of the military units.

The results of the studies will be transmitted to the military service of law and order and to the prosecution service for appropriate action.

On 16 March, the Ministry of Defence initiated a review of procurement information for military non-quality meat cans (tuns).

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