Make Meat Cans In The Carclave At Home

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Domestic production and preservation of products

Before we begin to describe how meat canned meat is produced, it should be noted that only fresh animal meat is needed to conserve raw meat. Anaerobic conditions under which aerobic and rotary bacteria, which separate dangerous toxins, can be developed in a sealed closed bank without oxygen. Botulism is particularly dangerous among anaerobic bacteria. The small proportion of the toxin they give (botulotoxic) in the human digestive tract leads to either a fatal outcome or a severe disability.

The quality of the meat canned depends to a large extent on strict compliance with the preservation regulations. ♪ household The meat is conserved mainly in glass packagings. For these purposes, banks are used with a capacity not exceeding 1 l. Only occasionally, two-litre banks with glass or rigid lids are used to unpack or sausage. Glass packagings are the most comfortable half-litre banks.

Banks are scrubbing in hot water, especially those already used. Used banks need to be cleared immediately. ♪ ♪

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