How To Make Meat Cans At Home

If you want meat or fish, you don't need canned. Long-range conservation, in turn, is impossible without proper sterilization, and the correct sterilization is unthinkable without a carclave. Let us consider the process of self-containing domestic production. Towing machine and canned from an old gas cylinder or reciver.

The purpose of sterilization is to destroy or suppress the viability of microbes (breast meat, fish) and to preserve this valuable food product without excessive spilling of proteins, fats, vitamins and other useful substances. The sterilization is carried out in a carclave which is easy to do, but when constructed and operated, safety regulations must be strictly observed.

Домашний автоклавCarclave Corps

A gas cylinder, a reciver from a heavy-duty vehicle or a railway wagon shall be suitable for the working body of the carclave(s) as these receptacles are made of special, coated steel and are designed for heavy-pressure work. It is desirable that the working pressure of the tank be not less than 0, 3 MPa (3 kgc/cm2).

The capacity of the carclave depends on its internal diameter and height. In a 300 mm diameter tank, 4 single-litre banks can be placed in one row and 7 of these can be placed in a 350 mm diameter tank.

Cylinder shell

On a domestic gas cylinder (Figure 1), the upper part 5 shall be cut and the steel flange 2 of a metal shall be fed with a thickness of 10 mm. Previously, in the flanges, it's 8 holes of M10 chatter. For compression between the flanges, rubber 4.Чертеж домашнего/бытового автоклава Before you cut the cylinder, don't forget to clean it up from the gas residues and blow the air well.

Liquid 5 requires the installation of thermometer, the gauge, the safety valve 8 and the valve or charcoal 9 (need to pump water into the tank when the carclave is tested for leakproofness and strength).

Thermometer with a measurement limit of 150 °C, the gauge is 0, 4 MPa (4 kg/cm2). The safety valve may be used, for example, from the ERW-2A water heater, or be produced by itself (figure 2).

Rhys. 1.Предохранительный клапан автоклава Autoclave device: 1-hull; 2- flanges; 3 bolts; 4 rubber; 5 lid; 6-gils; 7-manometer; 8-pentry valve; 9-bar; 10-propelled; 11-scoba; 12-banks; 13-size. 2. Autoclave safety valve: 1 - Corps; 2 - vapour outlet; 3 - bolt; 4 - spring; 5 - ball

The villagers sometimes cook a carclave from the usual steel. This is risky, as there is no guarantee that it will not break up during operation. In fact, the leaflets of such steel show caverns or micro-frits that reduce resistance to breaking.

Strength test

The machines produced and assembled must be tested for leakproofness and strength. To this end, the tank shall be filled with water, the lid shall be closed and, when pumped, the pressure inside the tank shall be brought to 0, 375 MPa (3.75 kgs/cm2) and shall withstand it at least 5 min.

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