How To Make A Carpet At Home

Домашняя тушенка — Как сделать

It's a dish, I think, from "bag recipe."
I think it's a great option for dinner, and it's not cheap.

We're gonna need:
- 8-10 potatoes.
- One can of carcases. from home. );
- 1 carrots;
- 1 bulb;
- and the specials.

First, I'm putting water, the amount of water I take, so the water will then cover the potato literally 1, 5 cm.
While the water heats, cleans the potato, and cuts it with enough small cubes, and it's not principled who likes it.
As soon as the water's boiled, I'm throwing a potato, and I'm waiting for it to come down, and then I'm gonna put the fire down and leave it to the ground.
I noticed, by the way, that it's better to cook in a dishes with fat walls. ♪

As long as the fries are barred, I'm cleaning the forehead and carrots, the forehead is tireless, and the carrots are smashing on the blender or cutting the straw, in the mood.
I'm frying the onion and carrots on a very small amount of oil, and it's not long enough to get caught.

I'm throwing a furnace at a potato, cutting a stew or just tearing it apart, adding it to a potato.
Now you can send, then, add a laurel and a little dried green, if there's a tomato paste at home, put 1 table spoon on a big pot. ♪
I'm all laughing and I'm leaving for another 15 minutes. While there's a little time for a tiring pile of fresh pears and rabbits, the winter is so hot to have some fresh. ♪ ♪
After I turn off the fire, I'll be five to ten more minutes.

I'm pouring through the plates and adding some fresh green... the dish is very aromatic and welded, the potatoes are literally in the mouth like just from the oven.

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