Measles For Polish Child Nutrition

Архив: Консервы рыбные и

Poland ' s Customs regulations do not prohibit the import and export of any currency. However, over 10,000 euros (and their equivalents in other currencies) need to be declared at the border.

duty-free import

Travellers over 17 years of age who travel from a non-European Union country may import 1 litre of alcohol (over 22 per cent), 2 litres of any alcohol less than 22 per cent into Poland. When entering a car or a ship from a non-European Union country, tourists over 17 years may import 1 litre of alcohol (more than 22 per cent), 2 litres of alcohol less than 22 per cent (e.g. solid wine or liquor), 4 litre of unprotected wine, 16 litres of beer. When any mode of transport enters the Euro-Use zone, 10 litres of alcohol can be imported (over 22 per cent), 20 litres of solid wine, 90 litres of table wine, 60 litres of gambling wine, 110 litres of beer.

In addition, tourists over 17 years of age who travel from a country outside of Europe may import 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillas, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco to Poland.

Tourists entering the car or by sea from a non-European country may import 40 cigarettes, 20 cigarillas, 10 cigars and 50 grams of tobacco to Poland. When entering Poland, 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillas, 200 cigars or 1 kilogram of tobacco can be imported from the EU country.

It is possible to import 500 grams of coffee or 200 grams of coffee extract (tourists over 15 years), 100 grams of tea or 40 grams of tea extra.

jewellery can only be imported for personal use and not more than 50 grams of total weight. Electric, household and sports equipment can also be imported for personal use only and not more than one item of one type.

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