Domicile Of Chicken In The Pot

Рис в сковороде

Step 1

The tasty carcass or fried rice made on the garrier is considered to be one of the most popular dishes that take a long time. It is well matched by cottages, ears or efts from a porridge, fish, especially mintys, liver, chicken chips, chicken legs, drumstick or hip or beef. Lezy rice in the pan is often cooked with meat, with a porridge, with a carcase, with a chicken, most likely with fist, with shells, with wings or with pork. The initiation of green and egg rice, which also includes cabbage, can enter home cakes. The Korean charcoal rice can be done in a similar recipe. About how to fire and how to make dizzy rice on the pantry in about 30 minutes, a chess recipe from the photo.
A little carrots and a torch clean. The beam is smaller, the carrots are less than three.

Step 3

We pour oil on the pan, we send a bow with a carrots. Two minutes, laughing.

Step 4

We're sleeping rice, we're mixing up with a furnace and a carrots. Solim. We'll fire a minute in the oil.

Рис в сковородеStep 5

We'll get water, we'll get to the boiling point, and we'll cook the rice to dry liquid (approximately 20 minutes).

It's like a garrier with a cream in the stint that needs to be preheated. Vegetable salads, such as garlic, corn, cabbage or mushrooms, including frozen, can be made for such a meal. Now you know how to do and how to cook this rice on all the rules, as well as how delicious it is to be delivered, the prep recipe described by the chasing greatly facilitates the process.

Рис в сковороде Рис в сковороде Рис в сковороде Рис в сковороде

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