Chicken To The Oven Bank


1 kg meat

0, 5 kg salad

Lavre leaf

Spiritual pepper (mouth)

black hammer pepper



I usually cook in glass half-litre banks.

Smelt, cut to medium slices. Solim, tastes good, and we're fine. We're making banks. We're good at it. They don't need to be sterilized, but they're in the process of preparation. Iron lids that we're gonna roll up banks, too, don't sterilize.

We're putting 1-2 lavre leaf on the bottom, shower pepper, then we're packing the meat. Don't put the meat tight, let the sacked juice flow between the pieces of meat. Don't put full banks, don't report them around 2-3 centimetres to the edge of the bank, or their contents will start leaking. For insurance underneath the oven, put a stumble and pour some water. Banks cover iron lids and put them in the cold oven.

Spirit is warmed up to 250 degrees. We follow the meat, the meat is boiled, we reduce the temperature to 150 degrees and the cloud of it for 3 hours. The meat must not be barred, but it must be.

As long as the meat's dry, we'll get fat. The salon is smaller, we put it in the pan or in the heat, and we're taking fat on the light.

The meat's ready, pouring it on top of the fat.

Who likes a fat carcase, the salon can be stacked with meat.

Porcine Pump I'm ready. We take out the cans from the oven and roll them. The banks are turning over, checking the leak, then turning them back. After the juice is depressed, the juice must be down, and a beautiful fat hat up. The carcase is very good even at room temperature. I'm keeping it in the storage room on the floor. There's a way to store in a cool place, very well, keep it there. As worded " cherished, God cherishes " .

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