Chicken Head

Для тушенки взяла куриные

A lot of tourists, hunters and other amateurs have been in nature for a long time, wondering, what would you like to take, instead of this heavy carcase, in iron banks? The sausage is a good solution to the problem of protein food for walking.
Instead of any of the best store carcases, you can take your own cooked sausage, like chicken meat. Next, my report will be on making such a steep sausage of a chicken breast.
The whole chicken meat sausage process took me... ♪ But the ripeness has gone unevenly, because of the different thickness of the copies. The whole trial started on October 12, 2014, and the first piece I tried on November 8, but one piece of it didn't go there, the whole stick went! But I wasn't alone. That's a rough word for a month to make this sausage. This is the specificity of this class and the method of preparation. We could, of course, speed up the process by using special drying cells with fans, but I didn't. Only the balcony and the fridge. I didn't use any devices.
For the sausage, I had to:
- 2 chicken breasts;
2 tea spoons of cook salt (20 g);
- black pepper (in taste);
- garlic ( taste);
- sugar (1 tea spoon);
- food surgical paper;
- rope (for aesthetics).
In fact, the main two products needed for sausage are salt and, indeed, meat. I used chicken breasts, not because I'm an opponent of legs, quarters and wings, but I just had them in my freezer. In fact, I once tried four kinds of sausages, three others you could read in the following articles.
Separated the meat from the bones of the sternum and started cutting it into small pieces. The size of the pieces may be different - to your discretion, not in principle. You can recycle the meat in the porch, or you can get the ready. But if you use a whole bunch of breasts, it's not gonna be a sausage, it's a different product, so you're gonna have to cut it.

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