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To the basket

Universal autoclave: home mini-cashes for the production of delicious and useful products

What's the beauty of home preservation? Sanctuary vegetables, composts, carcasses and other products sold at the store mostly contain all possible additives, substitutes, painters and taste militants. It is known that all of this " chemistry " has a very adverse impact on our health, causes many diseases, and the taste of the products is significantly distorted. Well, those canned from natural products have limited storage time and are costly enough to be bought daily.

What's the way out? Prepare everything on your own! Nice cans, pests, salts, marinades, useful juices for children, compotions, jams and other homeworks are the decoration of the table and the pride of the host. In order to facilitate their preparation, many purchase domestic claves, a tool that allows for a year round to have quality and useful products on the table. Functional carclaves for conserving preserve the magnificent quality of products, as well as all vitamins and useful substances in them.

Home car: How does it work?

Modern household sterilizer has the main purpose of conserving and sterilizing various food products in the home: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables. The sterilization is achieved by setting a temperature of 100 to 120 degrees within the machine and a pressure of 1, 5 kgs/cm2. With this high sterilization, all possible bacteria, including botulism, are destroyed by harmful micro-organisms that survive under normal food boiling. A low-cost and family-friendly carcass for conserving creates conditions for heavy thermal processing and enables meat, fish and vegetable production. As a result, good and perfectly healthy candy will be present at your desk all the time!

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