bovine meat

What oil are you on?

55 mines


Injectors and composition of dishes


Belki, gGira, gCarbon, gCalorium, rocks

Figure white

250 g

16, 75

1, 75

197, 25



580 g

81, 78

100, 92




2 States (150 g)

1, 95

0, 15

10, 35


Bulk removable

1st (120 g)

1, 68


12, 6


Piece of garlic.

2 G (2 g)

0, 13

0, 01

0, 598


Vegetable oil

40 ml


39, 96



Chilled water

320 ml






It tastes good.


1,46 kg

102, 29

142, 79

220, 798


Composition per 100g of finished meal

9, 77

15, 1

176, 33

Step 1

Detailed Recipe I'll tell you how to make this delicious swimmer. The beam is small, the garlic is pressed with garlic, three carrots on a large terrace.

Step 2

In the hot heat, we pour butter, we fall asleep on the forehead, we roast on average four minutes, constantly laughing. We add carrots, we laugh and we heat four minutes, then we laugh again and we fry three more minutes.

Step 3

We're adding a fever to the fever, mixing and carcase with an open roof on a small fire for seven minutes. You can cook such beef-dumps on the pan or in the pot and in the carpet. Some of the owners produce at least a delicious goose plum on a similar recipe.

Step 4

We'll put rice, we'll mix it up, we'll make it on a little light with an open cover of four minutes.

Step 5

Push water and pour it into the heat with ingredients, mix, add salt and special. Covering a lid with a roast and a towel on a little light for 20 minutes.

Step 6

Let's turn it off and get ten minutes! It's better to go with green and vegetables. Now you know how to make this difficult, but appetite and sad.

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