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In order for a dog to remain a beard and healthy throughout her life, it must receive a balanced diet. The correct feeding of dogs is the literate ratio of proteins, fats, carbs and minerals in the diet.

Most dog owners always ask questions about how to feed a dog better than feed a dog, etc. Especially since modern zoomagazins sell the whole spectrum of dog products from meat cans to dry feed. All these products are designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of the dog and, as the manufacturers say, are fully balanced. Below, see what kinds of dog products exist, and How to feed a dog

Meat dog cans: there are several types of canned. Some of them contain meat and cereals, they are completely balanced and can only feed the dog. Others are of lower quality and are intended to feed together with dry feed, i.e. mixed feeding. Meat dog cansas well as dry feeds, subdivided into super-primium class, class bonus and grade economy. All these classes differ in quantities of pure meat in them. In the canned, the pure meat premium reaches 80 per cent, whereas in the graduating cans it can only be 4 per cent. Of course it's not worth feeding a dog all her life by choosing meat cans of class, because it could lead to health problems. So you don't mistake your choice, read the labels carefully before you buy.

Dry feed. Dry dog feed can be wetted and mixed with canned food or be given a dog separately. Just make sure you give everything normal and don't override your animal. For that, read the labels.

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