Meat Cans For Early Childhood

тушеная высший сорт ГОСТ

The basic normative document, which sets requirements for meat-stretched canned products with a hermetically tight and sterilized diet of early-age children, is the GOST R " Endurances are meat-saving for early-age children. Technical conditions."

The requirements for a specific type of meat-proof canned products for early childhood feeding are laid down by the GOST R " Meat-Aid Poultry Observatory for Early Childhood Nutrition. Technical conditions."

Products of buoyant preservatives for feeding children of early age are classified according to CHP 3.

Labelling of meat

In accordance with paragraph 4.3., the GOST R is defined in the consumer packagings ' conserves ' labels as "GOST P" , "GOST 13534-89 ", "GOST 13799-81" , with additions:
1. Manufacturer ' s name and location (legal address);
2. Manufacturer ' s trademark (if any);
3. Name of produce;
4. Degree of hemisphere (homogenated, purple or large);
5. Age of the child;
6. Net mass;
7. Composition of the produce;
8. Food value (with a content of 100 g of protein, fat, carbs and calorium, rock);
9. Storage conditions;
10. Method of preparation for consumption;
11. Date of manufacture (on the lid or bottom of banks shall be indicated: number, month, year);
12. Date before and after the opening of the consumer package;
13. Symbol of this standard;
14. Certification information;
15. Trademark - "WNIMP - Children"
16 Information on the availability of genetically modified sources (GMI). - mass shares of meat, fat, subproducts, vegetation components (for meat-growing conserves). For pests, porcelain, hamsters, meat cushes and other homogeneous and small-scale products, the mass fraction of meat, fat, subproducts, vegetation components shall be indicated on their mortgage in accordance with prescriptions;
Banks from aluminium laminate foils add the date (number, month, year) of the final storage period.
Information can be done in any way in a readable place, clearly and easily readable.

The transport marking is defined in GOST 14192-96 and P.2.2 GAS 13534-89 with an additional category of baby food and "ive manipulat signs " (Chapter 4 of GOST 14192-96): Up "and Large " Watch out for glazing packagings, "List of moisture," "Temperature Restriction."

Packaging (P.4.4 GOST P )

Recommended consumer and transport packagings for beans and packing Preservatives for child nutrition Annex A GOST R .

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