Meat Canned For Early Childhood

детей раннего возраста

Preservation of meat for early childhood feeding. General specifications

This standard applies to meat cans for feeding children of early age, hermetically tight and sterilized. The standard establishes quality requirements for products that ensure their safety for life and health, environmental protection, and can be used in certification


Goss 12318-91 Meat Pasht. Technical conditions
GOST 15169-70 Conserva meat heart. Technical conditions
GOST 7993-90 Meat Languages. Technical conditions
GOST R Conserva meat (Class A). Pure meat baby. Technical conditions
Conserva meat (Class A). Pure meat baby. Technical conditions
GOST P 50187-92 Conserwas Meat Birds in Pearls. Technical conditions
The Gace of the Conserva meat ham. Technical conditions
GOST 7991-77 Conserva meat stew in the stomach. Technical conditions
GOST R. Conserva is meat pest. Technical conditions
Conserva's GAS is meat bites. Technical conditions
Conserva's Gust is meat bites for baby food. Technical conditions
Conserver's GAS is meat from subproducts. Technical conditions
GOST 13534-89 Meat and Meat Conservers. Packaging, marking and transport
GOST 9163-90 Meat and meat Sausages. Technical conditions

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