Guest 5284-84

(Калинковичи) ГОСТ 5284-84

Amended and amended:
Modification No. 1 to GOST 5284-84 from (text is integrated into the text or description of the standard)
Modification No. 2 to GOST 5284-84 from (text is integrated into the text or description of the standard)
Dairy GAS. Milk is dry. Technical conditions
GOST 10382-85 Dairy Conservatives. Products are boiled dry. Technical conditions
GOST 4937-85 Dairy Conservatives. The creams are dried with sugar. Technical conditions
GOST 1349-85 Dairy Conservatives. The cream is dry. Technical conditions
Dairy GAS. The cream is dry. Technical conditions
GOST 15170-91 Conservatives Meat "Beef Boneless." Technical conditions
GOST 5283-91 Conservatives are meat "Beef in their own juice." Technical conditions
GOST 15169-70 Conserva meat heart. Technical conditions
Goss 12318-91 Meat Pasht. Technical conditions
GOST 28589-90 Conserva meat "Birds in their own juice." Technical conditions
GOST 608-93 Conserva meat "Bird Meat in the Bear." Technical conditions
GOST 9937-79 Conserva meat in white sauce. Technical conditions
GOST 9936-76 The Conserva is the Meat Tourist. Technical conditions
GOST 7987-79 Conservatives are meat Goulash. Technical conditions

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