What Meat Cans Are Better For Cats

Какой корм для кошек лучшеWe're eating. This statement is relevant not only to people, but also to our smaller brothers, in particular cats. The cat feed, along with the care of the health of the pet, is one of the most important items of animal spending. The right meals are essential to the healthy and long life of your favorite. So what's better food for cats?

If you're willing to buy groceries, cook fresh pores to your cotics every time and take care of the balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, you're a straight road to feeding a pet.

But a lot of cat owners can't waste time cooking their favorites, and they're willing to spend on good quality feeds. But when you enter the zoo, only units are not lost from the diversity of firms and feed species.Рейтинг кормов для кошек How do you choose what is really qualitative and useful? Which is exactly your cat. Let's try to figure this out together.

First of all, it should be known that the basic nutritional components that are essential to the cat are:

  • Bovine, bird or fish protein (white necessary for normal formation and growth of organism, this is some form of building material)
  • Tarin is an indispensable amino acid, which is essential to view, heart, reproductive system of cats
  • fat acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals

Cat feeds. How to feed a cat?

There is no clear opinion. But most veterinarians and factories agree that it's good when the cat gets a variety of food.

Cat conservatives

Typically, that kind of food is even the most trusted food. High fodder humidity satisfies the animal ' s need for liquid, which is particularly important when the animal drinks little. Conservatives, in sealed banks, have a long storage period.

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