Best Meat Cans For Q

BP10.pngSupplement to chapter 1

Somehow, I've lost the sight of our “residents”. The sausages are sausages, but the party is ours! So specially for the camrades, I'm putting the PRS schedule on Meat

Until 2007, the CNN grew, then stabilized at just above 300 bunks/month, rose to 332 and then fell to 230 bunks in 2015. The conclusion is to prepare the summer and the body in winter. Who hasn't had enough time to hang out two years ago is now biting the elbow.BP11.png Although, compared to the Buffalo 2000, CNN has grown twice, which may slightly comfort them.

Chapter 2. Fish

In fish consumption patterns, the frozen fish segment now accounts for 35 per cent of total fish consumption. Let's start.

Since 2000, the CPN has grown more or less steadily and in 2013 it was more than three times the base level. Then there was a substantial decline of more than one third. Hypothesis can be advanced in my view as a significant factor is the export orientation of our industrial fisheries.BP12.png Russia ranks fifth in the world by volume of fish harvests, which should ensure consumption of more than 27 kg per person per year. Real consumption figures are much lower than potential - about 14 to 15 kg per year. Under the low course of the ruble, it is more advantageous to sell fish caught up in the sea without entering the port than registering the catch and processing it. The second factor is the reduction of the import of fish (including fished by their own fishermen, but at foreign exchange rates). This hypothesis may be shown by a salinary salinary (single on board, straight to the sea, and therefore may be sold the same without entering the port). The fall of the CNN on the salts in 2015 is also about one third of the peak in 2013.

Living and refrigerated fish have a shorter logistics shoulder, so the fall of CNs in recent years is legally lower, just over a quarter of the peak.

In general, given that the annual fish consumption rate (by different sources) ranges from 16 to 20 kg per person, Russia is potentially able to fully meet the need for fish products in sound export policies.

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