Best Meat Cans For Feeding

Мясной прикорм: за и против

At 4 months, the baby has to start giving pots.
Choice of cough on the market for child nutrition. Carcasses are subdivided into dairy and silent. Normally, there is no sugar in silent coughs (highly for allergy children). Paediatricians recommend starting with Greek, rice, and then five to six months, moving to oatmeal, maize, and other mixed carcasses. For the first cough feed, you can recommend "Nizcoalerge Kasha Heinz is Greek," and the kids are older than "Nizcoallergic Heinz Cousin." There are still dairy Heinz with various fruit additives - apples, pears, bananas, aiva, apricots, etc.
A good choice is offered by Kolinsk's company - BECS - there are dairy carcasses (fish, Greek, manifold) with different fruits and fruit carcasses based on rice (banan, apple).
Pools of Nestle carcasses - non-milk and dairy (Figure, Greek). Nestle has a pot of five evils.

How to cook.

In fact, buying pots are much more comfortable now than if the kash itself is lying (as our moms did). Hot water can be produced (a temperature of about 40 degrees) - if milk, milk-free casket cans are usually made of laughs or milk, sometimes the pot is scrambled.

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